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New Book Raps group to start in Term 4. Thanks to Ms Cuffley’s class for their input.

Welcome to Ms Ball’s Year 7 English class for 2010.  Throughout this term you will be involved in the Book Raps program. As part of this program you are paticipating in our book discussion where your group blogs about the novel they are currently reading. On the right hand side you will find the link to your page where your group can blog about the novel.  I will write an introduction on the page and pose a question.  You post a comment for your reply.  Our first post will be a short introduction and your thoughts on the book you are reading.  I hope you really enjoy sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world.  Check out the cluster map on the right column and you will notice we have had visitors from all around the world.  If you click on the cluster map it will take you to an enlarged version with a list of places where our visitors have come from. The cluster map was recently packed with red dots but the people who own that widget have reset the map so in a sense we are starting again.

There are a number of important points for you to follow when using this blog: 

1. Use correct English and spelling in your blog.  It is your responsibility to check your spelling.  You cannot use messaging language in our blog–for example you may write see you later, but not cya. 

2. Do not make any comment which would be disrespectful to anyone in the group or your class. 

3. Be respectful of all users on this blog. 

4. As this is a public blog be sure not to include any information which could notify external visitors to the site of your details. Privacy is a key issue!

I hope you enjoy our new program.  I have included the cluster map from my previous blog so you can see how many people from all over the world can read your work!


Glenys Lowden

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